Population: 6,768      Area: 260 sq. miles
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There is no supermarket, traffic lights and even no high rise building, but you will find nice resorts that provide to your desire for privacy.

Molokai is a peaceful island, where you can relax on beaches that you can have it all by yourself. The center of activity is the village of Kaunakakai. The east road takes you to seaside towns, secluded swimming coves, ancient Hawaii fishponds and other historical spots.

On Molokai’s spectacular and nearly inaccessible north coast, you will find sheer cliffs, hidden valleys, and waterfalls plunging hundreds feet into the ocean. It is so  isolated, you can only get there by helicopter, kayak or boat, which will drop you off on beaches rarely visited.

"The Friendly Isle" is also known as the birthplace of hula dance. There are very few hotels on this island, making it perfect for people who want to escape the crowds. You can play golf, snorkel, take the famous mule rides or just explore this history rich island.

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