The Island of Maui

2 hours (One hour diving time, depart every hour on the hour from 8 AM to 3 PM)

Explore nature’s deepest treasures, the miracle of coral gardens, remote reef crevasses lining the sea floor, mysterious eels, diving turtles and indigenous creatures that dwell in this ocean wilderness. Discover this captivating underwater world, aboard the hi-tech, air-conditioned Atlantis Submarine. Descend to 100 feet and explore new depths of adventure. Departs daily beginning at 9 AM from Lahaina Town.


6 hours

Haleakala Crater Tour Mark Twain, who visited the island of Maui in 1866, described Haleakala as "the sublimest spectacle I ever witnessed." Haleakala Crater is also the largest dormant volcano in the world, with a circumference of 21 miles.

It last erupted about 200  years ago. It called the "House of the Sun" and it swallows sunrise like a giant glass of orange juice.  Dotted by multi-colored cinder cones, the interior of Mount Haleakala is reminiscent of the topography of the moon’s surface.

For this reason, the Apollo astronauts prepared for their lunar mission by training inside the crater in 1969. It measures at 10,023 feet elevation with unbelievable view over the island and crystal blue Pacific Ocean.


Iao Valley and Lahaina Town TourIAO VALLEY AND LAHAINA TOWN TOUR
3 hours

Iao Valley and Lahaina Town TourThis is the Maui City Tour, it is a scenic tour to soaring Iao Needle, which is foliage covered cinder cone that rise 1,200 feet above the lush Iao Valley State Park. Drive by the most beautiful and famous blue Pacific ocean Maui coast, enjoy the old whaling port of Lahaina Town, a national historic landmark and whaler’s haunt of bygone days, feature restaurant, nightlife and shops amid restored structures alone the waterfront.




You think you have seen all that Maui has to offer… Have we got some surprise for you! Come and experience Maui Ocean Center! The largest tropical aquarium in the United States. Wonderous marine life found only in Hawaiian waters. Walk through a 750,000-gallon tank in the spectacular Underwater Journey. Journey through this spectacular underwater world, and discover a Hawaii you never knew existed! Located at Maalaea Harbor Village. Open Daily 9AM to 5 PM.

4 hours dive tour

Just off the coast of Maui sits a crescent shaped islet, a marine preserve and state sanctuary, abounding in tropical fish and clam waters. Rich with legend and a favorite dive site. An uninhabited landmass, Molokini rise 156 feet above sea level and its mass reach 300 feet below the surface. The eroded northern rim forms a protected cove perfect for diving. The Molokini Snorkel Tour completes with snorkel gear, beverage, snacks, and freshwater shower. Most dive tours departed from Maalaea bay.

75 minutes cocktail ShowTime (6:30-7:45 PM, 8:30-9:45 PM, Blackout Sunday & Monday 6:30-7:45PM)

Imagine a time when the gods of ancient Hawaiian playfully revealed themselves during work or play to interact with common village people and the forest danced and made music. You will witness this and experience so much more at "Ulalena." Ulalena is an impressive theatrical experience at Maui Myth & Magic Theatre, a multi-million dollars, state of art venue. Hawaiian music is combined with 8-channel surround sound. Acrobatic feats of strength and beauty are combined with Hula, modern dance, rich costumes, and fantastic lighting and stage design. Critics agree, Ulalena is a feast for the senses and must see! Located in center of Lahaina Town.


half-day tour

Maui enjoys the distinction of being one of the few locations in the world where whales of any kind are accessible for viewing. Humpback Whales travel 3,000 miles from Alaska to fight, court, mate bear and raise calves, and frolic in general in the warm shallows around Maui between mid December to mid April.

Maui’s whale watching vessels are ranging from 6 passenger’s inflatable to 70 feet catamarans.

from 4 hours to 8 hours tour

Biking down the volcano of Haleakala has gained a great deal of popularity over the past few years. So much so, in fact, that a wider variety of tours are continuously being created to serve a greater range of bicyclists. A guided downhill biking tour provides the safety, comfort, and convenience of a group experience.  

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