The Island of Hawaii

2 hours (one hour diving time, depart every hour on the hour from 8 AM to 3 PM)

Join our experienced crew aboard the world's most sophisticated 80 ton, 64 feet submarine fleet - an exciting submarine adventure in air-condition comfort!  Journey through a 25-acre natural coral reef at 100 feet depth, viewing fabulous tropical fishes and marine life.



Volcano Helicopter TourVolcano Helicopter TourVOLCANO HELICOPTER TOUR
1.5 hours and up

Nothing equals a bird's eye view into an erupting volcano.  From the air is the only way you can peer into Kilauea's bubbling Puu Oo Vent.  In this convoluted dome, lava pools after spouting from the earth's core.  Atop the seared landscape, you understand the enormity of volcanism, the force that shaped the Hawaii archipelago.  Great viewing miles of misty rainforest have been shredded by the onslaught of lava, moving lava as it flows to the sea which create billowing steam and it explodes, creating the newest real estate on the planet - untouched black sand beach.  The helicopter tours operate either from Hilo or Kona with various length tours, it may be expensive but it is a lifetime experience.


6 hours and up

Hawaii Volcano National Park is only a 40 minute drive on Highway 11 from Hilo Airport.  Unparalleled in its geologic grandeur, Hawaii Volcano National Park is a natural wonder that should not be missed.  The park's numerous facilities, informative displays and miles of hiking trails allow visitors to learn about and actually get inside this active volcano.

Volcano National Park TourA very active volcano, Kilauea Crater is all but explosive.  It's really just a set of leaky pipes with lava oozing and bubbling from its weak seams.  You can see films on the geology of Hawaii and recent eruptions at Kilauea Visitor Center.  There are many endangered species living throughout the park.  Hawaii Volcano Observatory provides seismic recorders that are ready to pick up the slightest movement in the earth.  You will view these instruments from a window next door in the Jaggar Museum where you can learn about the different kinds of lava.  Skirting the bottom of Crater Rim Drive, you will pass lava flows from eruptions as recent as 1982, and there is 450 feet long Thurston Lava Tube which you can easily hike through.  It is a must see tour on the Big Island.


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